It’s Time to Galvanize

2010-Fifa-World-Cup-logoIn 2006, Germany used their World Cup Soccer event to truly galvanize East and West Germany into a single nation with a real sense of unity and hope for their countries’ future.  The hosting of the World’s largest sporting event is an incredible opportunity for nation building and if ever there was a time for South Africa to unite even further as a nation, the 2010 Soccer World Cup is the time.

South African soccer supporters 2010 Fifa World CupWe need to rally together as one nation, not be polarized because of all the rhetoric and media sensationalism running around.  We desperately need to find that sense of nation and show not only the world, but ourselves that we as a nation are truly great, inspired and united going forward.  With a bit of luck, we will be able to once again demonstrate the resourcefulness that we as South Africans can pull out of the bag in galvanizing our nation.

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