On Understanding Noise and Fact

“Whilst the youth league is far from the engine room of policy, it is close to the factory of public perception” – Stuart Theobald, Investor Monthly.

To what extent do we really understand what is noise and what is fact?  So often, we read and listen to things sporadically and assume that we understand the core of the issue.  This is so true for many business leaders who pick up on their industry news by reading a newspaper and having a conversation.  The problem with this is that it’s often all hearsay  coming from the noisy players.  Business managers and leaders need to make certain that they are running their businesses on fact, truth and diversity of educated outlooks as opposed to making up their minds based on market rabble rousers  who spew forth erudite opinions.

Last month I wrote a post entitled The More You Churn The More Insight You Will Gain which shared with you the 4 crucial things which market insights come from.  These market insights need to be a core competency for any company to develop yet is never ceases to amaze me how many companies base their market insights on hearsay rather than on building intelligence and using their resources.  as opposed to listening to who enjoy spewing forth erudite opinions more often than talking actual sense.

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