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How Weak Leadership Destroys Organisations

Let me tell you how I see it: Too often the key functions in an organisation are held by incompetent managers who really have no idea what they are doing. Owing to this lack of knowledge and experience these leaders employ people below them to delegate tasks to. These 2nd tier employees then employ people below them to do the same. None of these individuals are trained properly, given proper job expectations and will ever have the strength of character to challenge the bosses decisions. Off course the boss knows all of this as its the reason why he employed them in the first place…


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The Public Sector Works with the Right Leadership

I often talk about the incompetence of civil service, but today I want to give a big thumbs up to how the home affairs department is pulling itself together. Long the bane of many South African’s life, home affairs used to be a non-stop queue of bureaucracy, procedure and running around in circles. It appears as though things have changed…

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The Difference: 2000 and 2010

10 years ago, futurists were saying that ‘In five to ten years 80% percent of of what drives the world will be driven by continuations, 15% of what we have will be driven by cycles and 5% will be driven by novelty.’ A decade later the tables have quite literally turned and the reverse is now true…

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Millennium Goals, Five Years to Go

As 140 heads of state and government gather Monday at the United Nations for the Millennium Development Goals summit, they and the public will ask what has come out of this decade-long effort. The answer will surprise them: A great deal has been achieved, with some of the most exciting breakthroughs occurring in Africa.

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What Values are Driving Your Organization?

This is a post form Steve Dennings blog entitled ‘What Values are Driving Your Organization?’

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Corporate IT Departments are Living in the Stone Age

Corporate IT departments need to realise what technology is available, how easy it is to use and the myriad different applications that are tailormade specifically to enhance how we operate.

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South Africa’s endemic culture of entitlement

Why is it that so many South African people feel entitled to everything? Why do so many of our citizens believe that the government must just give them houses, jobs & farms but they do not expect to have to work for it? Why is it that we just expect greater than inflationary increases with scant regard whether we are in fact adding more value than we did a year ago?

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What Ever Happened To Labour?

This is a blog post written by Seth Godin which resonated well with me.

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On Understanding Noise and Fact

To what extent do we really understand what is noise and what is fact? So often, we read and listen to things sporadically and assume that we understand the core of the issue. This is so true for many business leaders who pick up on their industry news by reading a newspaper and having a conversation. The problem with this is that it’s often all hearsay coming from the noisy players. Business managers and leaders need to make certain that they are running their businesses on fact, truth and diversity of educated outlooks as opposed to making up their minds based on market rabble rousers who spew forth erudite opinions.

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How to LeadSA

I recently promoted the new LeadSA initiative on my blog and twitter account, saying what a fantastic idea it was and how important it is for our sense of national identity and patriotism. The publicity and attention it gained was noteworthy and for many individuals it was an outlet to dedicate their focus and efforts for a better country. Not a week later, LeadSA was completely overtaken by stories of the largest national strike in our democracy’s history.

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