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When Your Enemies Should be Allies

South African education is a paradox. We have pockets of world class excellence in our private and model C schools and yet we also have tragically poor education delivery in both rural and urban areas. Granted that much of this poor delivery has to do with poor educators and poor heads of schools, however there are plenty of examples of rural and urban governments schools which are performing admirably in spite of this.


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The New Trend for Baby Boomers

South Africa is a country with a completely unique set of circumstances. Admittedly we are diverse, passionate, misconstrued and a still developing nation. One of the best things about our developing nation is that we have such a strong, free and open private sector. Ours is a country where any individual can take an idea and work towards making a living, business and

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Why Our Education System is Failing

Last week, the Minister of Education, Angie Motshekga, released the 2009 public school matric results. With a pass rate of 60.6%, two percent down from 2008, the evidence that there is something profoundly wrong in the education system is once again undeniable.

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Why South African Education Needs to Change for the Better

Are we educating our kids appropriately for the world they are going to live in? Is our education system in some ways counter productive in preparing our kids optimally for a world in which they are going into and which is exponentially changing every single second? I believe it is, and I believe that it needs to change for the better both in the education being given, the methods for examining this and in the continued levels of excellence that higher education represents.

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What You Don’t Know About the Largest English Speaking Nation on Earth

By the end of the year China will be the largest English speaking nation on earth. With typical Chinese resolve and discipline, its leaders have and are continuing to take the nation forward in its quest for wealth, opportunity and global progression.

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South African Education in the 21st Century: Part 2

It was back to education strategies yesterday this time, however, with a different organisation. It seems that most of the private schools in South Africa are finding it quite challenging to balance the constrained systems of education versus the dynamic and innovative style of education that they would like.

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South African Education in the 21st Century

It has been extremely interesting finishing up a strategy session for a top private girls school in Johannesburg over the last few months. Beginning with the initial session in June and now having finalised the follow up, it never fails to surprise me as to the pace at which education is moving in the 21st Century.

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