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A Quick Guide to The Internet of Things

As an avid follower of the tech industry, particularly in Silicon Valley, I have been watching the unfolding story of ‘The Internet of Things’. For many non-tech individuals this might be a fairly new concept as it is still generating mainstream attention, let alone adoption.


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When Will Social Media Grow Up?

Having spent some time with Graham Codrington over the course of the last few weeks, he once again amazed me at demonstrating the pace at which technology is moving. The devices, ideas, applications and technology that we think is way out there and might one day happen is already released, up and running and at a core level being driven very strongly by what Apple and Google are doing.

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Social TV

I am hugely looking forward to attending the 2nd Annual Social Media World Forum in London on the 15 & 16th March. The conference is featuring four dedicated streams which will address social media on the following channels: Mobile, Enterprise, Social TV and Cloud computing.


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Social Media World Forum – London 2010

The Social Media World Forum will take place this year in London on the 15th and 16th of March. It comes at one of the most interesting and exciting times in the development of new media and internet strategy to date. Rich Laburn will be attending and blogging about the event to keep you informed of the latest Social and Web trends emerging in 2010.

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Mobile Internet Will Empower Africa

For many African people mobile technology often represents the first modern infrastructure of any kind. Huge opportunities have been created by these people simply having a mobile phone. It saves time, money and unnecessary travel. It facilitates the planning, management and communication of many small businesses, trades and co-operatives, especially agricultural. In the broader sense of industry, it allows for information to be shared on comparative prices, stocks, shares, trends and negotiations. Perhaps most pertinently, these mobile phones serve as an extension of financial services to millions of poor people who do not have access to bank accounts.

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Utilising Social Media in a South African business context

I wrote a post in August entitled ‘The Growing Influence of Social Media in South Africa’ and I wanted to expand a bit more on these thoughts about the adoption of social media in South Africa.

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Social Media & South Africa

I am absolutely positive that all of you reading this would have at some stage or another heard of social media, social networking or the Web 2.0. If not, then at least Facebook rings a bell.
I have been watching the rising influence and impact of social media on almost all of the industries I have been working in. At every turn it is utilised for a different purpose depending on the industry and the people involved.

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