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The Public Sector Works with the Right Leadership

I often talk about the incompetence of civil service, but today I want to give a big thumbs up to how the home affairs department is pulling itself together. Long the bane of many South African’s life, home affairs used to be a non-stop queue of bureaucracy, procedure and running around in circles. It appears as though things have changed…


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South Africa’s endemic culture of entitlement

Why is it that so many South African people feel entitled to everything? Why do so many of our citizens believe that the government must just give them houses, jobs & farms but they do not expect to have to work for it? Why is it that we just expect greater than inflationary increases with scant regard whether we are in fact adding more value than we did a year ago?

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How to LeadSA

I recently promoted the new LeadSA initiative on my blog and twitter account, saying what a fantastic idea it was and how important it is for our sense of national identity and patriotism. The publicity and attention it gained was noteworthy and for many individuals it was an outlet to dedicate their focus and efforts for a better country. Not a week later, LeadSA was completely overtaken by stories of the largest national strike in our democracy’s history.

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The ANC’s New Common Enemy

Since apartheid ended almost two decades ago, the glue holding the ANC alliance together has steadily come more and more unstuck. Without having a common enemy to fight, the party has continually veered off in many different directions based on individualistic thinking and demands within the party.

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The Demise of Black Economic Empowerment

Black Economic Empowerment has been at the forefront of South Africa’s developing public and private sector since the democracy of 1994. It is a stringent principle for some, a source of leverage for others and a point of contention for many. Yet has it become more of a thorn in the side of South Africa’s progress than anything else?


Here are your answers to South African Unemployment

This past week has been somewhat of a paradox. On Monday we had the celebration of Women’s Day. A public holiday which remembers and celebrates not just the role which women played in the struggle against the apartheid regime, but the critical role that women play in our male dominated society in general. On Tuesday we had one of the largest mass action strikes the new South Africa has ever seen. Almost all of the public sector downed tools in protest for higher wages….

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