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LeadSA Video

Here is the video from the LEAD SA website, well worth a watch. LeadSA, posted with vodpod Advertisements

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The Chinese Conundrum

Towards the end of last month I was reviewing some facts from the South African Revenue Service that showed me China is now South Africa’s biggest trading partner for both imports and exports. As of October 2009, our imports from China were at R59,1 Billion whilst our exports lay at R41,2 Billion. What this means is that our economy is intricately linked to theirs, so much so, that if China were to stumble, we would be in a precarious position.

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In Pursuit of Radical Innovation

I want to ask you to take a step back and ask yourself what you are doing to be deliberate about your pursuit of radical innovation?

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Roots and Fruits Part 1

This is part 1 of 3 in a series of posts about ‘Roots and Fruits’
There is an old San-Bushmen story that tells of how the Baobab tree said to the ‘Great Spirit’ the creator of all things that it wanted to be different and distinct from the other trees on the great plains of the world. So ‘Great Spirit’ agreed to grant the Baobab his wish and turned him upside down, with his roots in the air and his branches in the ground.

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What works for one may be invasive to the other

Organisations, much like eco systems usually develop organically. The natural growth experience allows for the organisation to evolve into its own unique eco system that suits it best. For some, diversity is the key to its success, for others it is a few key species that thrive on the nitrogen provided by the masses of more generic plants beneath them. Regardless of what the eco system is, if you are to toss an exotic plant into the mix and hope for it to have the same effect as it did in its original environment, one of three things is likely to happen:

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The Organisational Ostrich Effect – Its not about fluffy displays and sexy legs…

Im sure that most of you might have seen an ostrich at some point in your lives. Whether in a zoo, breeding farm or out in the wild, it is a well known bird that is characterised by large fluffy feathers, long seductive eyelashes, muscular legs and the tendency to stick its head in the ground as a remedy for any problem it encounters.

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