The ANC’s New Common Enemy

Since apartheid ended almost two decades ago, the glue holding the ANC alliance together has steadily come more and more unstuck. Without having a common enemy to fight, the party has continually veered off in many different directions based on individualistic thinking and demands within the party.


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5 Minds for the Future – A Brief Summary

In his book, ‘5 Minds for the Future’ Howard Gardner concerns himself with the kinds of minds that people will need if we are to thrive in the world during the eras to come. Also, in the inter-connected world in which the majority of human beings now live we need to identify the kinds of minds that should be developed in the future for the greater good of our society as a whole. To read the full precis of 5 Minds for the Future by Howard Gardner, click on the heading above.



How Will You Measure Your Life

The Harvard Business Review recently published an address by HBS professor Clay Christensen to his graduating class of 2010. His speech was on how to apply his principles and thinking to the personal lives of his students rather than just their careers. Entitled “How will you measure your life?”, Christensen captured many key points which resonated deeply with my own thinking and which I have found of huge value in my own personal life.

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The Demise of Black Economic Empowerment

Black Economic Empowerment has been at the forefront of South Africa’s developing public and private sector since the democracy of 1994. It is a stringent principle for some, a source of leverage for others and a point of contention for many. Yet has it become more of a thorn in the side of South Africa’s progress than anything else?


LeadSA Video

Here is the video from the LEAD SA website, well worth a watch. LeadSA, posted with vodpod

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Here are your answers to South African Unemployment

This past week has been somewhat of a paradox. On Monday we had the celebration of Women’s Day. A public holiday which remembers and celebrates not just the role which women played in the struggle against the apartheid regime, but the critical role that women play in our male dominated society in general. On Tuesday we had one of the largest mass action strikes the new South Africa has ever seen. Almost all of the public sector downed tools in protest for higher wages….

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Lead South Africa

I am so excited about Lead South Africa, the new Primedia initiative which was launched this last week.

I think it is a fantastic initiative and well done to Primedia for catalyzing this initiative. A few months ago I wrote a post entitled It’s Time to Galvanise about the need for national pride, unity and a spirit of Ubuntu in this country. The Lead South Africa initiative is giving South Africans the outlet to do just. I totally subscribe to the aims and objectives and encourage all South Africans to get involved.

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The more you churn the more insight you will gain

Organisations lack market insights because they assume the information that they can get from desk research is sufficient.

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When Your Enemies Should be Allies

South African education is a paradox. We have pockets of world class excellence in our private and model C schools and yet we also have tragically poor education delivery in both rural and urban areas. Granted that much of this poor delivery has to do with poor educators and poor heads of schools, however there are plenty of examples of rural and urban governments schools which are performing admirably in spite of this.

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BP might fix their well, but big industry is still broken

This is a blog post written by Graeme Codrington, which accurately sums up my thoughts and perspective on the BP Oil Disaster as well as the oil industry in general.

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