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Are You Outdated as a Leader?

“An organisation is in rapid decline when the mental models (paradigms) of the leadership team are depreciating faster than their relative level of authority.” – Gary Hamel. When I saw this quote by Gary Hamel, I automatically thought back to a blog I wrote a few months back entitled: Can You Teach Old Dogs New Tricks? It questioned how often senior executives take steps to keep progressing the foundations of their paradigms and how up to date they are with the developing world.



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Stuck in the Trenches

“The longer you are down in the trenches, the more you mistake the edge of your rut for the horizon.” – Gary Hamel. This quote by Gary Hamel summizes how many organisations seem to be run. Not with clear vision and perspective but rather with panicked trench warfare and crisis management. Whilst this is sometimes necessary, it is critical that the leaders of the organisation get out of the trenches to be able to see which direction to guide the organisation.

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